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Gusseted Calico bag

40cm x 37cm x 10cm

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The Complete Beauty and Wellness Pack is the perfect combination to keep you healthy and looking great. Alternate your protein smoothie with berries and greens……. or go all out and add Glowing Greens and Beauty Berries to your protein drink everyday. This optimal fusion of whole food supplements will ensure your body is getting all the phytonutrients it needs to function its best while staying fit and healthy.

The beautiful collection of our complete wellness pack is ideal for yourself or as a thoughtful healthy gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers or Fathers day, House Warming or just as a Loving Thank You.

As a bonus you receive a FREE Clean and Green Tote Bag with each pack !!!

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Nature has an amazing way of providing the nutrients needed for a healthy body. Protein Bliss is a delicious combination of organic plant proteins formulated to work with nature to provide a complete protein blend. This complete protein ensures easy digestion and is simple to absorb and utilise.

Every day our bodies use protein to maintain a healthy immune system, hormonal system, build lean muscle, regulate our metabolism and promote glowing skin, hair and nails.

HOW TO : Mix Protein Bliss into water, coconut water or your favourite smoothie. Protein Bliss blends perfectly with Clean and Green Wholefoods Beauty Berries and/or Glowing Greens.

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Beauty Berries is packed to the brim with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, skin and hair loving nutrients. The powerful anti-oxidants will look after your skin internally, help to reduce the signs of ageing and inflammation, and give you that holiday glow in no time. But wait there’s more.. Not only will it just look after your skin, it is bursting with easily absorbed nutrients that will help to improve your overall health and give you that much needed boost of energy that most of us all desperately need.

HOW TO:  Mix in one teaspoon to water, coconut water, smoothie or sprinkle over muesli or oats.

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Ever feel like you just don’t get enough greens into your diet? Look no further… Glowing Greens is here to save your day! The Spinach to your Popeye. A blend rich in nutrients, chlorophyll, enzymes and fibre to assist in cleansing and strengthening the body. It helps to improve digestive processes and support your body through those every day stresses and afternoon slumps. Also packed with alkalising and immune boosting ingredients to help balance pH levels and fight off those pesky colds and flus year round. We promise it doesn’t taste like swamp water, more like sipping on a Pina Colada down at the beach (kind of).

HOW TO:  Mix in one teaspoon to water, coconut water, smoothie or sprinkle over muesli or oats.

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A match made in heaven! Beauty Berries – The Antioxidant Hero and Glowing Greens – The Alkaliser, work in perfect harmony to improve overall health, skin, energy and have you feeling just genuinely awesome. How do they do this? The combo work as a team to nourish, protect, alkalise and purify the body. What more do you want!

HOW TO: Mix in one teaspoon to water, coconut water, smoothie or sprinkle over muesli or oats. You can mix both powders together to save on time!

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