We know that life can get very busy and that sometimes it can be impossible to eat as healthy and as clean as we would like, especially when we are on the go and don’t always have the time to prepare our food. Along with the daily stresses of modern day life, the amount of toxins and chemicals in foods and even in the atmosphere, sometimes we just need a little kick start to help us on our way.

We decided to collaborate with a team of naturopaths and nutritionists to develop products, not only that were great for us but also tasted delicious (the one problem we regularly had when we tasted other products). Being avid believers of using only natural and organic products (from what you eat, put on your skin and use in your household), it took us 2 years to source the purest and finest ingredients and then to formulate the best way for our bodies to assimilate and retain their abundance of nutrients.

We have lovingly produced two introductory products – Beauty Berries and Glowing Greens – designed to enhance your wellbeing and energy and also to help us project our internal health outwards with a beautiful, natural glowing and healthy complexion.

We are passionate about our luxe and unique products and their potential and hope you love them as much as we do.

Here’s to being the healthiest, happiest and best version of ourselves.

Our Co-Founder

Deborah Conforti

Deborah and her husband, Tony, are the innovators behind the Clean and Green Wholefood’s formulations.

Deborah has a B.App.Sc in Natural medicine, which she completed in 1990, furthering her studies with several temporary stays to India, where she studied Nutrition, Homeopathic medicine and also worked within the hospital system. Acquiring diplomas in herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy plus a wealth of practical and technical natural medicine knowledge gained in her clinic, Deborah has the knowledge to produce effective and quality products.

Deborah and her husband Tony have incorporated their Naturopathic philosophy into their everyday lives with 38 years of clinical experience between them and helping to raise 3 happy and healthy children. Together they have been developing supplement formulas throughout their careers, with great success on their patients within their clinics. Their passion for absolute quality products started early in their Naturopathic careers after realising many proprietary products were of lesser or inconsistent quality which compelled them to formulate and source their own quality ingredients. Teaming up with Rebecca and the rest of the Clean and Green Wholefood’s team has created the perfect platform to allow the general public to highly enjoy and benefit from their unique and superior formulations.