Superfood Products
Protects your cells and combats free-radical damage.
Nourishes your skin from within, reducing the signs of ageing and inflammation.
Provides you with a natural boost of energy and improves endurance.
Full of greens that help alkalise & balance your pH levels.

Ingredients high in chlorophyll will cleanse and increase oxygen levels in the blood.
Improve your immune system and lower your risk of illness.


 Wow! Beauty Berries is seriously delicious! I could have that sprinkled or put in to anything! I have been taking this for a few weeks now and have definitely felt the difference in my energy levels. I don’t drink coffee, but it almost feels like it gives me that natural little kick I need in the morning. Cant wait to see the benefits in my skin!

Lucy Williams

I usually don’t buy green powders as when I have bought them previously, they always taste like grass or dirty water and I usually give up on taking them after a few days. I bit the bullet and decided to give this one a go, as a friend of mine told me it was quite nice and I am pleasantly surprised. Its by far the nicest greens powder I have tried. Cant wait to keep taking this regularly.

Monique Durie

This is my absolute favourite! Thank you guys! I can’t believe how much more energy i have after only taking this for a short amount of time. I sprinkled it over my Oats this morning and it was delicious, even my 2 year old ate it all!


This is the end of week 3 using beauty berries and Glowing greens combo. I have found that my skin has become visibly clearer and how it is regulating my bowel movements (which was a big thing for me) . I have the beauty berries in the morning and the Glowing greens in the afternoon. So far, I’m loving these products!

Samantha Waters

Beauty Berries & Glowing Greens Superfood Powders

Our greens and reds superfood powders work in perfect harmony to nourish, protect, alkalise and purify the body. Beauty Berries (powerful anti-oxidant) and Glowing Greens (alkalising and cleansing) are designed to work synergistically together to improve health, natural radiant skin, energy and vibrancy. Our two great tasting powders are ideal for those who want to live healthier but become depleted from overwork or stress or else just slip with their lifestyle and eating patterns. Together they help to maintain natures balance. Of course eating healthily, drinking lots of water and exercising is great for us but sometimes our bodies need a “kick start” and there’s no easier way to do it than adding a rush of goodness to your water, juice, smoothie or cereal first thing in the morning or throughout the day.